A Human Adventure

In 2013, Château Livran was bought by Olivier MICHON and Edwige LURTON-MICHON, charmed by this pearl of the Médoc. Woods and vines surround this beautiful mansion harmoniously developed throughout the centuries. Inspired by the place, they rejoyce in the idea of reviving this lovely domain by investing in modern equipment necessary for its development, all the while respecting the work accomplished by their predecessors.

The Owner's Passion

Raised in the heart of the Margaux vineyard and mindful of the family’s culture inherited from her father Lucien LURTON, Edwige is perfecting her knowledge. Willing to discover new horizons, her passion for art and languages led her to Rome where she met her husband. After a brief spell as an English teacher, they returned to Médoc.

As for Olivier, a history and archeology enthusiast, he embarked on a military career after high school. This path allowed him to be, come quickly independent. Nonetheless, he never forgot his fondness for history and in 1991 took unpaid leave to guide pilgrims to Rome where he met Edwige, who was there to perfect her Italian.

Olivier, who had to stick to office jobs for health reasons, agreed to come help his brother-in-law Henri at the Château Brane Cantenac, "Grand Cru Classé" (Great Classified Growth) of Margaux. Confronted directly with the wine business, he developed a passion for wine and decided to follow a master’s courses in management of wine estates at the ENITA school of Bordeaux. During his studies, Olivier discovered other wines. He started working with Chablis for instance. But it was while replacing a friend for a few months at the head of a Château in Moulis that he gained experience.

With the desire to own their own wine domain, Mr and Ms Michon started looking for a land that corresponded to them. One day, after several failed searches, under a pounding rain, Edwige and Olivier visited Livran. Walking in the mud, they discovered the great park, went around the fish pond, through the courtyard left in its original condition, then visited the huge mansion 3000 m²... They are charmed. For Edwige, not only is Livran an exceptional piece of land with great wine-producing capabilities, but it is full of history and constitutes an unsuspectedly rich heritage. She was also moved by the natural beauty of the domain: a park with trees, a water source, a pond, fruit trees, a farm... She saw in Livran the serenity necessary for refreshment and the perfect place to pursue her many projects. Olivier was less enthusiastic. But the great potential of the vineyard and its many qualities soon assuaged his doubts. Surrending to his wife's intuition, he now describes it as love at second sight. 

The Ongoing Improvement

The administrative and logistic service

After having held all the possible jobs in the vine and wine industry, Sandra DESGROPPES now coordinates the property’s projects, by managing the reception service, the accounting and the commercial following-up with rigour and method. Maria VANOVERFELD and Ariane DEMEULENAERE are in charge of the stewardship and the maintenance of the numerous facilities which they do with great care and good spirits.

Technical performance

Coordinated by Patrick TURANI, supporter of sustainable wine-making, Evelyne ARDICHEN and Sylvie MORRISSEAU work the vine with delicate yet quick hands, Dominique MORRISSEAU and Loïc NEUVOUX tame the motorised machines efficiency and precisely. John LARDIN, is versatile and can adapt to chai (wine cellar) and vine-related tasks depending on the season with responsiveness and drive. Larissa SCHAPITZ, our master cellar, brings experience in carreful vinification and barrel ageing of wines.

Chateau Livran: castle tower

Dynamic transmission

Baptiste MICHON in the vines, the vat room and preparing orders, Vahi RUEZ for the commercial sector and Kevin GASTON taking care of maintenance and logistics, are all young and motivated. They put their apprenticeship to good use to enrich their respective experiences.

The benefit of expertise

Eric BOISSENOT, renowned oenologist, is assisted by Marco BALSIMELLI. They analyse the vines and advise the technical team to obtain wines most representative of the land.