Château Livran vineyard - technical building

The Ongoing Improvement of the Teams

The administrative and logistic service

After having held all the possible jobs in the vine and wine industry, Sandra DESGROPPES now coordinates the property’s projects, by managing the reception service, the accounting and the commercial following-up with rigour and method. Maria VANOVERFELD and Ariane DEMEULENAERE are in charge of the stewardship and the maintenance of the numerous facilities which they do with great care and good spirits.

Technical performance

Coordinated by Patrick TURANI, supporter of sustainable wine-making, Evelyne ARDICHEN and Sylvie MORRISSEAU work the vine with delicate yet quick hands, Dominique MORRISSEAU and Loïc NEUVOUX tame the motorised machines efficiency and precisely. John LARDIN, is versatile and can adapt to chai (wine cellar) and vine-related tasks depending on the season with responsiveness and drive.